Private Catering & Paella delivery in Perth




Can you accommodate allergies and special dietary requirements?

Yes. However, we need to be told ahead of time so we can prepare accordantly. Please let us know exactly the allergies or requirements and we will sort it out for you.

How big are the serves? What do we do with the left overs?

Our servings are generous and 90% of the times we end up with some left overs which we put in take away containers for you to keep or give to your guests. The paella has to be served when ready, if we have to warm the paella up too many times the rice looses its consistence and we might spoil any left overs.

How is the paella served?

The paella is served using biodegradable paper trays, wooden forks and napkins. We bring our own rubbish bag to dispose of the cooking waste. The customer shall provide a rubbish bin to dispose of the used biodegradable serving trays, fork and napkins.

Can we supply alcohol for your party?

No. Unfortunately we have no licence for that. However, we can provide bart enders and waiter staff to serve the alcohol at your place.

Do you make other types of food?

Besides the Paella menu, we also make Tapas and desserts. As professional chefs, we understand other cultures cuisine. Let us know your request and we will see what can we do for you.


Is there a minimum number of people you can cater for?

We don’t require a minimum of guests, we can even cater for 2 people if needed. However, please note than the less people we cater for, the more expensive it is and sideways.

How long does the service last?

It generally takes about 3 hours from start to finish. We are flexible in this sense as we understand sometimes guests can be late. Nobody is going to rush away from your place though.

How does the service work at your place?

We arrive at your place approx 1,5 hours before the time to serve the food. First we have a little chat with you and have a look at the space to set up. Once we set up we start cooking. There is a no return moment when we pour the rice into the pan, from then after 20 minutes the Paella is ready. Before that though, we will talk to you and see if there is enough people to pour the rice in or we can wait a little while.

What do we need in terms of space and location?

We need a place sheltered from the wind and rain to cook, some ambient lighting or a plug nearby to setup a light or two and access water (E.g. A tap in the kitchen or in the garden). Ultimately we decide if, in your preferred location it is safe and/or possible for us to cook and we might decide to change location if unsuitable with our needs (E.g. Too windy to cook the paella or too crowded). We can bring a marquee if necessary for larger catering for an extra $50. We don’t go to check the catering location prior the event but we are very expert in what we do and we can always find a way to make everything fit. If you are concern of have specific requirements about the setup and location we can check the location through Google Map or you can send us some photos.

What happens in case of adverse weather conditions?

In the unlikely case of adverse weather conditions we will always try to find a way to make the event happening. Ultimately the paella can be cooked indoor if needed. We provide a 100% refund if the catering does not happen due to unsafe weather.

Do you charge travel fee?

We don't charge travel fee in Perth metro area; however we do charge a fee for travelling in the country areas or places more than 45 minutes drive from Scarborough. The fee to travel to its basically to cover petrol expenses, although a minimum of people might be required too.

For how many people can you cater at once?

At Team Paella Catering we have been in the industry for years, having reached big services of over 500 people.


What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, Card and bank transfer.

Which other services do you offer?

We offer personal Chef services. Let’s say you are having other foods or a BBQ and you need someone to cook it on site for you, thats what we do. We also provide waiters and bartenders to serve drinks at your event. Even live DJ services if required.

Do you have any other questions?

We are more than welcome to solve your doubts, please send us an email at: or give us a quick call.

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